KVM Splitter, VGA PS/2 KVM Splitter Multiple Keyboard Mouse Monitor One Computer

VGA PS/2 KVM Splitter

NTI Part #: VOPEX-2KVIM-A-Group
VOPEX-2KVIM-A (Front & Back)
VOPEX-2KVIM-A (Front & Back)
NTI Part #: VOPEX-2KVIM-A-Group
The VOPEX® KVM splitter with optional audio allows up to four users to share the use of one PS/2 computer.
Also known as: video splitter, VGA splitter, splitter, keyboard monitor mouse splitter, PS/2 keyboard splitter, VGA video splitter, reverse KVM switch
  • Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • ROHS Compliant VGA PS/2 KVM Splitter
  • CE Compliant VGA PS/2 KVM Splitter
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The VOPEX® VGA PS/2 KVM splitter allows up to four users to share the use of one PS/2 computer.
  • Access one computer from multiple locations.
  • Available with optional stereo audio.
  • Multiple users can enter data into the same program.
  • Interconnect NTI switches and splitters for complex applications.
  • Allows access to a PC from inside and outside of a clean room.
Host Connection
  • Male 15-pin HD connector.
  • Female 6-pin miniDIN connectors.
  • Compatible with PS/2 style PCs, RS6000, SGI, and HP9000.
  • Female 15-pin HD connectors for VGA monitor.
  • Bandwidth is 150 MHz.
  • Supports 1920x1200 resolution.
  • Female 6-pin miniDIN connectors.
  • Keyboards and mice are hot-pluggable.
  • Three-foot interface cables are provided to connect your PS/2 keyboard, mouse and video ports.
  • Use VKMEXT 3-in-1 cable to extend keyboard, monitor and mouse to 100 feet (30 meters).
Optional Audio
  • 3.5 mm stereo audio jacks.
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 1dB.
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD): 0.012%.
  • Stereo crosstalk: -82 dB.
  • Input impedance: 10k Ohms.
  • CD quality audio output.
  • Requires powered speakers.
  • 110 or 220 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz via AC adapter.
  • Power consumption: 10 W
  • 2 port: 81,566 hrs
  • 4 port: 79,417 hrs
  • WxDxH: 8.5x6x2.6 in (216x152x66 mm)
  • Operating temperature: 32 to 100°F (0 to 38°C).
  • Storage temperature: -20 to 140°F (-30 to 60°C).
  • Operating and Storage Relative Humidity: 17 to 90% non-condensing RH.
Regulatory Approvals
  • CE, RoHS
  • TAA compliant.
  • Two years.
  • Press MODE button to cycle through all 6 modes. LEDs indicate which mode is selected.
  • USER 1 Mode - Only USER 1 can type or move the mouse.
  • USER 2 Mode - Only USER 2 can type or move the mouse.
  • USER 3 Mode - Only USER 3 can type or move the mouse.
  • USER 4 Mode - Only USER 4 can type or move the mouse.
  • INST Mode - All user(s) have immediate access after last keystroke or mouse movement occurs on active user.
  • DELAY Mode - Locked out user(s) must wait five seconds after last keystroke or mouse movement occurs on active user.
  • In Inst or Delay Mode, typing or mouse movement activates user control.

Application Drawings

  • VGA PS/2 KVM Splitter
    VGA PS/2 KVM Splitter

Application Notes

  • Provide Local and Switched Access to Multiple Computers
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    A network manager can access multiple computers, while each user has individual access to their own computer.
  • Access One PC from Multiple Control Locations up to 600 Feet Away Using CAT5 Cable
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    Interconnect the VOPEX® KVM Splitter, VOPEX-xKVIM-A, with XTENDEX™ KVM Extenders via CAT5, ST-C5KVM-600 to access one PC from multiple control locations located up to 600 feet away using CAT5 UTP cable.

CAD Drawings

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  • "Thank you for filling a niche at an affordable price. Your KVM Splitter (VOPEX-4KVIM-A) was just what I was looking for- it is a great way to quickly and painlessly share a PC."

    Laura Demont
    Milpitas, CA
  • "The VOPEX-4KVIM-A 4-port KVM splitter worked great and did exactly what we needed with perfect resolution."

    Fred Springer
    Burbank, CA
  • "I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your VOPEX-4KVIM-A 4-Port KVM Splitter. We have had it in service for almost two years and have had no problems. It works as advertised and is very reliable. Thanks for a great product."

    Richard Dreher
    Palm Beach County Water Utilities
    West Palm Beach, FL
  • "I want to thank you for sending my order so quickly. I have two dental operatories, which are connected to one CPU. Your splitter allows me to run two keyboards and mice. In addition, I have four monitors in the rooms that allow the patients to view their x-rays and treatment plans easily as well as me having private access to write my notes when needed. The installation was so easy that I completed it in less than one hour. Thank you again for your help and the excellent product that Network Technologies provides."

    Lloyd M. Smith, D.D.S.
    Janesville, WI

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